January Was Record Month for Visitors

It’s not often that we gloat or pat ourselves on the back (okay, at least publicly… cause you know our egos are giant in private situations). So it’s only appropriate that we do so on a slow news day.

Thanks to our advertisers who have included: Bluegrass Freedom Fund, Bryan S. Bush, Draft Horne, Cascade Broadcasting, Kentucky Democratic Party, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Louisville History & Issues, Louisville Originals, Sannie Overly, et al. They believed in us from the get-go and have stood by us. And the dollars they spent paid off heavily with hundreds of thousands of prolonged ad views.

More importantly, thank you to our readers. We had no idea it was possible to make the rebirth of The ‘Ville Voice a success in just seven short months. We did it with your help and remain forever grateful. Your readership, participation, tips, suggestions, assistance. It’s you, the everyday Kentuckian, who will change the face of the Bluegrass State for the better. We heart you for making this political scandal sheet possible.

Just wanted to take a moment to share some statistics to give you an idea of just how successful we have been. Who knew it was possible?

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The ‘Ville Voice Statistics (January 2008)
– 42,255 average daily hits
– 646,771 unique visitors (unique IPs) per month
– 1,267,664 page views (HTML/PHP requests) per month
– 3.109 million hits (aggregate all files) per month

Overall ‘Ville Voice Statistics August 2007 – January 2008
– 1,273,717 unique visitors (unique IPs)
– 3,524,256 page views (HTML/PHP requests)
– 9.974 million hits (aggregate all files)

We hope you’ll stick with us throughout 2008 as we continue to grow.

Again, thank you.