An Interview with Bruce Lunsford

Politically inclined? Go read Daniel Solzman’s interview with Bruce Lunsford.

Bruce has changed his tune (okay, Achim Bergmann and his communications team changed their tune) and are now saying Bruce took a long, hard look at the U.S. Senate race. The previous bit, which Bruce said on-camera, was that he decided to run overnight after watching Dubya’s State of the Union address.

Our favorite part of the interview is when ‘campaign for change’ is resurrected from the 2007 gubernatorial primary. Or maybe it’s the part where Achim’s buddy Mark Nickolas gets another mention. (Note that Bruce had no idea who Nickolas was through most of the primary last year.) Or still yet, our favorite part may be where Bruce foolishly thinks he can develop a positive relationship with blogs in Kentucky. The ‘Ville Voice? We live in the reality-based community here. Page One? Nope. BlueGrassRoots? Nope. Ditch Mitch? Not happening. The Rural Democrat? Again, not happening. What’s left, Republicans? Good luck on that one. Screwed the pooch too early.

Meatless interview, sure, but definitely some insight into Achi… I mean, Bruce’s motives. Nice guy. Horrible candidate to run as a Democrat against McConnell when there are real life, actual Democrats ready to take him on.

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