Wendell Ford Dinner Tonight

Every Democrat with a hundred bucks to throw away on bad food and expensive, watered-down alcohol will be on-hand for the annual Wendell Ford Dinner in Louisville this evening.

We’ll be there. Will you?

If so, introduce yourself to us during the reception or stop by our table to say hello. That’s the best way to make sure we don’t write about your ugly dress or inability to sing. Heck, it’s the best way to make sure we don’t photograph you while you’re drunk and groping your server from behind.

Also, someone will need to give us several free drink tickets. We’ll trade for the less than mean things we’ve said lately. (Dale– you reading this? FREE DRINK TICKETS. Need them.)

Should be a great night of drama, attitude, social rifts, drunken flirting and laughter. If you have gossip? Seek us out tonight. We’ll be all ears and smiling so long as you don’t spill cheap bourbon on our shoes or try to get your greasy fingers on our tie.

To recap, there are a few ways to curry favor with us: Free drink tickets, gossip, free drink tickets, just introduce yourself (especially if you’re an elected who routinely avoids us/someone we say mean things about) and (this is important) tell us how skinny we’re looking these days.

Louisvillians Everywhere Wrought w/Envy

Being a very powerful and important blogger has its perks.

Yesterday we asked where our FIVE 0 TWO t-shirt was. Today we received one of our very own:

But that’s not all we got… Since we’re way more cool than Rick, we also received an awesome Hunter S. Thompson poster by Bill Green.

Buy one for yourself here.

Eat your heart out, Joe Sonka!

The Page One/’Ville Voice offices are looking pretty cool these days.

Two Things

While Rick is busy having fun in New Orleans showing off his fancy t-shirt (where’s ours?!) we (the royal kind) have some serious complaining to do.

1: If WHAS11 says “mobile webcam” one more time someone will need to be choked. Who feels like being choked today? We can’t take it.

2: The damn train whistle in our neighborhood. We can’t deal. PLEASE fix it. Please, Tina, make it stop! 33 times a day. OH MY GOD. (Reminds us of this story in 2006– we knew it was a jinx. Thanks, Sean!)

See? Very important complaints.

KDP Files Ethics Complaint Against Doug Hawkins

You read it right, kids.

Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Moore filed a complaint with the do-nothing Louisville Metro Ethics Commission against Doug Hawkins (R-Sombrero Lover).

Hawkins, a current Metro Council member who is running for State Senate against Perry Clark, links to his senate campaign website on his metro council site, something the KDP alleges is a clear violation of the Louisville Metro Ethics Ordinance (it is).

From a KDP press release:

“This is a blatant abuse of power. Doug Hawkins is simply using his position as a Metro Council Member to support his State Senate campaign and that is in violation of the ethics code,” Moore said. “I am confident that, after reviewing our complaint, the Commission will agree.”

While we agree with Moore’s opinion, it’s a little silly to get so up in arms over Kentucky’s most well-known protector of our white women against Mexicans. The citizens of the 37th State Senate District already know Doug Hawkins is insane. Pointing it out to them is a waste of time.

Isn’t there a senate race to meddle in somewhere? Some money to raise? Votes to buy? Maybe some legitimate work to be done… like pointing out idiots like Frank Simon have seriously violated campaign finance law again and again? Never hear anything about the real wrongdoers. We want some real leadership. Not bickering over a website.

Jennifer, don’t you know? Doug will protect you!

WANTED: You, for Your Slave Labor

Haha so, funny story, we need to hire a creative and capable advertising executive to grow our media sales team.

Could that be you? Would you relish the opportunity to work with some very sexy and powerful bloggers and politico/media types?

We’re obviously a flourishing media operation with trillions of dedicated readers per day so it’ll be easy for you to sell a highly educated and web-savvy audience to advertisers.

We’ll offer a generous commissioned sales package to start with serious opportunity for growth. You’ll offer a great sense of humor (must be fluent in LOLcat) with real world ability to deliver the goods – AKA you’ll be able to force some old codgers who don’t have a clue how to spend ad dollars to spend their ad dollars on the internets and teevee.

Send your cover letter (yes, it’s required, don’t accidentally “forget” to include it), a resume that makes sense and 3-5 strong references to Jake. We promise not to tell your current employer that you’re job shopping.

On Mythical Ohio River Bridges and Such

Steve Magruder of Louisville History & Issues sent a letter to the Courier-Journal today in response to the paper’s editorial “Deciding who decides” – where the editorial board gives the appearance of ruminating on how the Ohio River Bridges Project will be financed.

Since the C-J is unlikely to publish anything critical of their stance, we’re publishing Steve’s letter in full.

Editorial board pretends its pet monstrosity is going forward

Re: “Deciding who decides” editorial…

Isn’t it quaint to see how the C-J editorial board acts as if this monstrosity of a bridges project is happily going forward, as if there’s no real local opposition to the current plan’s extreme girth and needless destructiveness, and the only question before us is where Kentucky’s share of $4.1 billion is going to come from?

The C-J editorial board needs to face reality: The Ohio River Bridges Project, as it currently stands, is dead. Accordingly, the idea of tolls is dead on arrival. The more the public inspects this bridges plan, the more people realize that most of it simply isn’t needed for enhancing regional transportation. So why pay a lot over the long term for development we don’t want or need? Wouldn’t that be, um, frivolous spending? I have a strong hunch that taxpayers are sick and tired of being treated as spendthrifts.

Read the rest after the jump…

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