Metro Council Meeting Updates

Rick’s in the Metro Council chambers this evening gouging his eyes out with the rest of the press. He’s checking in periodically with updates.

So far:

Jim King (D-) was elected president council, votes 18-8. Kelly Downard (R-16), Robin Engel (R-22) and Doug Hawkins (R-25) all voted for King. Rest of the Rs went for Kevin Kramer (R-11).

Rick Blackwell (D-12) was elected caucus chair, Judy Green (D-1) elected vice chair. Many expected David Tandy (D-4) to win chair. Vote was 8-7 in favor of Blackwell.

RE the smoking ban: Currently on break, discussion to resume shortly. Was unanimous during the caucus meeting that there will be no exemptions to the smoking ban.

Stay tuned, boys and girls.

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