BREAKING: Thieneman Drops out, Endorses Yarmuth

It’s true, folks. Chris Thieneman just announced via the Francene show on 84WHAS radio that he is dropping out of the Congressional race and endorsing John Yarmuth.

Stay tuned to this developing story.

UPDATE @ 11:30:

Joe Gerth has more on the story.

Developer Chris Thieneman said this morning that he is dropping out of the 3rd District Republican primary, becoming a Democrat and endorsing Rep. John Yarmuth’s re-election bid in the race.

Both Northup and McConnell have denied trying to influence Thieneman.

As proof of that coercion, Thieneman played a voice mail message from Larry Cox, McConnell’s top aide in Kentucky, in which Cox urged Thieneman to call him.

Stay tuned for Rick’s update and interview with Chris later today.

9 thoughts on “BREAKING: Thieneman Drops out, Endorses Yarmuth

  1. Perhaps he was afraid some of those U oL football party photos for which he is so famous were going to surface. Truthfully I expected nothing less. Just another bored rich guy with nothing else better to do.

  2. Doesn’t this smack of the Republican Party warning “You’d better not run” and then he suddenly drops out? Maybe I’m just buying into a conspiracy theory.

  3. I think it would be more politically responsible for Thieneman to become an independent so that he wouldn’t be throwing away a lot of his natural constituency in one full swoop. I think he will discover that he won’t find many friends in the Democratic Party either. Go independent Chris! The water’s fine.

  4. Does this now mean Thieneman now supports Bob Henderson?

    Welcome to the Jack Wood/David L. Williams wing of the party Chris.

  5. Yep. He ran for state treasurer last year, and now he’s running in the District 14 primary.

    That’s my biggest fear: Councilman Jack Wood.

  6. Jack is not the only candidate facing Bob. I am as well. I ran for Mayor in 2006 as some may recall andnow will seek the Democratic nomination here in District 14 against Bob and the good ole boy network.

    Check out the website at for more info.

    I do not cut and run as I showed in the Mayor race much to their surprise. 😉

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