BREAKING: Thieneman Drops out, Endorses Yarmuth

It’s true, folks. Chris Thieneman just announced via the Francene show on 84WHAS radio that he is dropping out of the Congressional race and endorsing John Yarmuth.

Stay tuned to this developing story.

UPDATE @ 11:30:

Joe Gerth has more on the story.

Developer Chris Thieneman said this morning that he is dropping out of the 3rd District Republican primary, becoming a Democrat and endorsing Rep. John Yarmuth’s re-election bid in the race.

Both Northup and McConnell have denied trying to influence Thieneman.

As proof of that coercion, Thieneman played a voice mail message from Larry Cox, McConnell’s top aide in Kentucky, in which Cox urged Thieneman to call him.

Stay tuned for Rick’s update and interview with Chris later today.

Metro Council Meeting Updates

Rick’s in the Metro Council chambers this evening gouging his eyes out with the rest of the press. He’s checking in periodically with updates.

So far:

Jim King (D-) was elected president council, votes 18-8. Kelly Downard (R-16), Robin Engel (R-22) and Doug Hawkins (R-25) all voted for King. Rest of the Rs went for Kevin Kramer (R-11).

Rick Blackwell (D-12) was elected caucus chair, Judy Green (D-1) elected vice chair. Many expected David Tandy (D-4) to win chair. Vote was 8-7 in favor of Blackwell.

RE the smoking ban: Currently on break, discussion to resume shortly. Was unanimous during the caucus meeting that there will be no exemptions to the smoking ban.

Stay tuned, boys and girls.

Ken Herndon for Metro Council

Ken Herndon, Louisville-Jefferson County’s Democratic Judge-Executive, has officially filed to run for the 6th District Metro Council seat that represents Old Louisville, several South Central neighborhoods, the area surrounding the University of Louisville and a portion of downtown. The 6th District seat is currently held by Democratic Councilman George Unseld.

“I look forward to offering the residents of the 6th District the kind of high-energy, focused leadership other districts have had and that we deserve”, says Herndon.

Herndon has been a staple of Democratic politics in Louisville for decades. Via a press release today, his campaign noted that he’s been knocking on doors for six months and has already raised nearly $20,000 for the local race.

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