Breaking: Jim King has a problem on his hands

Page One has the story of Metro Councilman Jim King supporting Mitch McConnell.

What may come as a surprise to many, however, is that Democratic Louisville Metro Councilman Jim King (D-10th) shelled out $500 to attend. King was the last person anti-war protesters expected to see leaving an event usually filled with Republican business leaders. But that’s who they saw: Jim King, faux Democrat, who nearly fainted when he realized he’d been caught.

Click here for the rest of the details on Page One. Seems to be a major mistake for King.

Big News: WHAS11 Copyright Infringement Resolution Reached

Thousands upon thousands of people have closely followed an incident involving WHAS11 and Page One/The ‘Ville Voice over alleged copyright infringement. (Yes, we’re surprised by the sheer numbers.) On October 25th someone at WHAS11 wrongly filed a complaint with YouTube which resulted in the removal of video excerpts our media operation was using for purposes of important discussion and criticism, protected by federal Fair Use laws.

It turns out this is a case of much ado about very little. That’s not to diminish its importance. After a meeting last week, WHAS agreed to allow the videos to reappear on YouTube. We agreed to do a better job of linking to their website when we post their videos.

To recap, on November 7th the mainstream media jumped on our story. Louisville Eccentric Observer ran a feature news story about our battle for the freedom of speech in new media. We welcomed and encouraged the publicity. We love publicity. Any news is good news – that’s us.

The problem, as we understand it, was that our video excerpts were attracting a significant audience, web viewers that some at the station believed could have been watching the same video directly through We’re all competing for eyeballs on the web, so in their eyes we were a threat. And, one of our videos (like this McConnell story, for instance) did attract more than 22,000 views. So they were probably right to be concerned. Of course, a closer look at the traffic statistics shows that about 65% of our readership comes from outside the Louisville media market– not WHAS11’s core.

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Major Press: WHAS11 Copyright Story Gets Mainstream Attention

LEO’s Jennifer Oladipo delves into the WHAS11 Fair Use mess as the paper’s feature News story. You’ll recall that two weeks ago someone at WHAS11 wrongly accused us at Page One and The ‘Ville Voice of copyright infringement. The accusation resulted in the loss of major video that was making a national impact and we were left scrambling in the midst of a breaking political scandal.

We’re glad the mainstream media is finally giving this story the legs it deserves. When the printies write about an issue it actually starts to mean something, right? So please take time to read the story and spread it around the blogosphere. And encourage your friends to pick up a copy from newsstands. Sticking up for new media is of major importance to us all.

Update: As a result of this story WHAS11’s management have approached us. We’re optimistic that a resolution is just around the bend! WHAS-TV goes after Louisville bloggers for posting its video. How far will the station go?

By Jennifer Oladipo

Right now on YouTube, you can find clips of WHAS-TV newscasts, everything from a story about a boy who died from electrocution by a garage door to an interview with the grown-up members of Hanson or footage of a cute but nervous puppy hurling on the anchor’s desk. Keying “WHAS11 video” into Google brings up hundreds more hits.

But there are 10 clips you won’t see, those posted by Louisville blogs The Ville Voice and Page One Kentucky, both published by Full Signal Media. The clips were used in commentaries about news coverage and other issues at WHAS. Page One co-owner Jacob Payne said he believes that’s made them a target: Two weeks ago, the station filed a copyright infringement claim with YouTube against Page One and Ville Voice for using those clips.

Click here to read the rest…

Kentucky Voters Have Spoken – Statewide Results

The double-digit winds of change have blown through the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Statewide results for General Election 2007 are below:

GovernorSteve Beshear beats Ernie Fletcher
Beshear – 620k – 59%
Fletcher – 436k – 41%

Secretary of State Trey Grayson beats Bruce Hendrickson
Grayson – 577k – 57%
Hendrickson – 434k – 43%

Attorney General Jack Conway beats Stan Lee
Conway – 613k – 60%
Lee – 400k – 40%

Auditor Crit Luallen beats Linda Greenwell. Again.
Luallen – 592k – 59%
Greenwell – 409k – 41%

State Treasurer Hollenbach beats Wheeler
Hollenbach – 574k – 58%
Wheeler – 424k – 42%

Commissioner of Agriculture Farmer beats Williams
Farmer – 644k – 64%
Williams – 362k – 36%

Louisville’s Library Tax – colossal failure for many reasons
Yes – 70k – 33%
No – 143k – 67%

Updated Constantly: Ongoing Election Results

The results are in.

With all 511 precincts in Louisville reporting:

Ernie FLETCHER REP 74,535 34.36%
Steven L. BESHEAR DEM 141,462 65.22%

Secretary of State
C.M. “Trey” GRAYSON REP 114,452 54.32%
S. Bruce HENDRICKSON DEM 96,099 45.61%

Attorney General
Stan LEE REP 63,087 29.52%
Jack CONWAY DEM 150,478 70.41%

Linda GREENWELL REP 73,836 35.21%
Crit LUALLEN DEM 135,714 64.72%

State Treasurer
Melinda L. WHEELER REP 73,261 34.75%
L. J. HOLLENBACH DEM 137,331 65.15%

Commissioner of Agriculture
Richie FARMER REP 12,5194 59.67%
David Lynn WILLIAMS DEM 84,337 40.19%

Circuit Judge
Audra Jean ECKERLE 96,837 54.91%
Scott D. MAJORS 9,696 5.50%
Donald E. ARMSTRONG 32,365 18.35%
Robert SILVERTHORN 36,968 20.96%

Libraries – it’s over – colossal failure
YES 70,354 32.92%
NO 143,350 67.08%

Statewide results coming later.

Yea & Nay: Library Election Night Gatherings

Whether you support or oppose the tax increase for Louisville libraries you’ll be well represented tonight. Below are details for gatherings on both sides of the issue:

Libraries Yes
5:30 P.M.
Frazier History Museum
829 Main Street

Support the Library, Not the Tax
7:00 P.M.
Chris Thieneman’s Office
4901 Fern Valley Road

Both are open to the public and the press.

Trouble at GLI?

Things may not be as rosy as they seem at Greater Louisville Inc these days. GLI recently endorsed the Libraries Yes tax increase as worthwhile and beneficial to the community. The group’s president and CEO Joe Reagan has said the 21-member GLI executive committee unanimously decided to make the endorsement. But the Courier-Journal proves not everyone is on-board with the decision.

Bill Stone, a prominent Louisville businessman on GLI’s legislative steering committee, says not everyone supports the endorsement and refers to GLI’s decision as “top-down.” Stone went on to say GLI broke from their policy of opposing new taxes, saying the group’s endorsement doesn’t represent the members of GLI.

As the C-J story loosely points out, many Louisville residents are incensed that the city’s largest corporations won’t be paying the library tax– the very corporations pushing for the increase. State law exempts companies like Churchill Downs, LG&E, Insight Communications and AT&T from local net-profits taxes because they pay “other kinds of state and federal taxes.”

Not exactly a great way to motivate voters if those pushing for the tax won’t have to pay it.

WHAS11 Fair Use Update: Day 7

We were informed last evening, October 31 at 6:31 P.M., that our counter-notification to WHAS11’s wrongful copyright infringement claim has been forwarded to the station.

Oct 31, 2007 6:31 PM
Dear Jacob,

Thank you for your counter-notification. It has been forwarded to the
party that sent the takedown notification. If we receive no response, your
material will be restored between 10 and 14 days from today.


The YouTube Team

WHAS11 has 14 days to do the right thing or further stifle free speech and criticism in that they have as many days to contest our counter-notice. Should be noted, however, that nearly all blogs and publications that have undertaken similar battles have won their cases. Freedom of speech in the Fair Use form of discussion and criticism is crucial to our society as a whole and we intend to go to court if that’s what it takes.

Stay tuned to Page One and The ‘Ville Voice for updates to this story.