Breaking: Campaign Finance Violations – Library

A complaint has been filed with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance against those responsible for the Libraries Yes! tax proposal in Louisville:

  • Craig Buthod, Director, Louisville Free Public Library
  • Mary Griffith, Chair, Louisville Free Public Library Foundation, Inc.
  • Louisville Free Public Library Foundation, Inc.
  • Libraries Yes!, PIC

The complaint, filed by general counsel of the anti-tax side, alleges four serious violations of Kentucky finance law/KRS 121 including:

  1. printing and distribution of yard signs without required disclaimers
  2. distribution of advocacy materials without proper disclaimers,
  3. use of government employees for campaign purposes on business time
  4. mailing materials which directly circumvent campaign finance reporting requirements as independent expenditures.

Click here for a copy of the complaint filed with KREF.

Sources tell us that Ernie Fletcher is expected to make a statement in opposition to the Library campaign. Sen. Dan Seum (R-Louisville) is also expected to introduce legislation further closing loopholes allowing government employees to work on campaigns during “company” time.

Developing. More to come.

2 thoughts on “Breaking: Campaign Finance Violations – Library

  1. This complaint is an attempt to divert attention away from the important question facing voters on November 6 – that is, whether to approve a measure that will create a dedicated source of funding to implement much needed library improvements. The Libraries Yes! campaign has followed the law in reporting to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

    It is a shame that the complainant has misconstrued the Library Champion signs, which have brought a sense of pride to the faces of tens of thousands of Louisville children who earned them by reading at least 10 books this summer.
    –The Libraries Yes! campaign.

  2. The complaint contains PROOF that campaign finance law was violated. Absolute proof. You need to re-read it because you’re about to be involved in legal proceedings.

    We can love the libraries and want to support them without falling victim to ridiculousness put forth by these loons pushing for the much-needed tax, Miss Guthrie Mayes.

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