Personnel Moves at Fox 41

Fox 41 general manager Bill Lamb confirmed a host of personnel changes in the station’s news department. Lamb, just back from the Greater Louisville Inc. trip to Ireland, said that the shifts in personnel are designed to make the station better, calling them more “evolutionary than revolutionary.”

To be fair, Lamb did point out that in terms of personnel, Fox 41’s news department has been the most stable in the market for the last four years.

Here is what’s up:

* Lamb confirmed that David Scott, an anchor at WANE-TV in Fort Wayne, is coming to Louisville at the end of October, taking over the bulk of the anchoring duties currently handled by veteran Bill Francis.

* Francis, whom Lamb acknowledged as a “credible, knowledgeable journalist” will become a reporter. He said he wants Francis to “tell stories rather than reading copy,” adding that the general industry practice of promoting reporters to anchoring positions takes them away from what they do best. Of note, Lamb sent anchor Don Schroeder on the GLI trip to Ireland to report on the trip.

* Reporter Laura Barron, with the station just two years, was released from her contract early to pursue a position in the Raleigh-Durham market.

* Traffic reporter Mike Marshall will move physically to the Fox41 studio for his morning show reports.

* Reporter Derek Scott and the station have parted ways, with Scott’s last day coming in early October.

* A new morning reporter, Keith Keyser, will fill the former role of funnyman Jim Bulleit in the mornings, though Lamb added that he would be “less annoying.” Bulleit is now at WLKY-TV.

* The station is hiring a new  sports reporter after promoting Tom Lane to the main anchor position when Gary Montgomery retired this month.

The most controversial of these changes is the move of Francis back to reporting. It’s hard to recall a Louisville anchor making a similar move, but if Francis accepts his role, the station will be better for it. Francis is a solid reporter and may be better-suited to telling stories.

14 thoughts on “Personnel Moves at Fox 41

  1. ” A new morning reporter, Keith Keyser, will fill the former role of funnyman Jim Bulleit in the mornings, though Lamb added that he would be “less annoying.” Bulleit is now at WLKY-TV.”

    Funny how that annoying Jim Bulleit, since leaving WDRB, has multi-awards nominations, including three Emmy Nominations and is an Emmy Recipient. The very Emmy Bill Lamb did not receive. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Fox in The Morning has been a ratings failure ever since Mr. Bulleit left the program, it would seem Mr. Lamb is the annoying loser.

  2. Jim Bulleit moves on to WLKY which since has become numebr one in the mornings. The only station to beat WHAS 11, ever in this market Jim Bulleit’s profile in the community has grown while Fox in The Morning is now a broadcasting joke, as is Mr. Lamb. But that’s just my point of view, and that of the morning news watching public.

  3. Jim Bulleit was a media icon long before Bill Lamb was even here. I know he is an Emmy Award winner and I think that happened after he left Foxed up 41. Bill Lamb seems to take any opportunity he can to launch into him which seems very petty for a station leader to go after a single re[porter as he does. Seems more like sour grapes to me. Seriously, is there a news watching soul out there who would turn to WDRB in case of a legitimate breaking news event?

  4. Jim Bulleit is a great features reporter, but what does that have to do with breaking news? WDRB consistently reports stories ethically and with integrity rather than jumping the gun just to be first. LEGITIMATE breaking news is the key here.

  5. I see it didn’t take long for Emmy Winning Great Features Reporter Jim Bulleit to come to his own defense, as in the good old days. *snore* Can John Ramsey be far behind?

  6. hmmmm, Dena Berry is Jim Bulliett’s wife and they live happily in a home cosigned and co-owned by…….wait for it…..Mike Berry, Dena’s father and Jim’s father in law. Who lives a few houses down. So all those emmy’s don’t seem to help with qualifying for a mortgage. While I have no concern for Jim’s job, i thought full disclosure should be made.

  7. my son is 10 years old now and i was just thinking back when i was 10, i am 45 now anyway i was trying to remember the clowns name that use to play cartoons and do magic tricks what was his name and what ever happened to him? thank you.. wayne

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    sincerely, Kimberly

  9. I played golf with Jim in a fund raising event in Etown. He was funny, smart and just a neat person to be around. I watched him a few times on 41 and thought he did a great job with what little he had to work with.

  10. And to continue the story about Jim Bulleit. WDRB seemed to be the only station to carry a story of Jim’s arrest for shoplifting candy and chips at a Kroger’s. I emailed Mr. Lamb about how low I thought the story was and that I thought 41 was trying to shame Mr. Bulleit and slam WLKY. He responded by telling me Mr. Bulleit was a public figure and he considered the item to be newsworthy. He also said he didn’t know if any other stations had carried the story, nor did he care.
    When pressed about the trail of bodies of past hosts of the 41 early news show and the other WDRB news segments, he gave the same line that appeared in your article (Sept. 2007)and also said the workers at 41 are happy to be there. He also said he gets inquiries from other stations’ people about comming to work for WDRB.
    I also asked why WDRB chose to cut George W.’s
    Presidential newscasts short, or not show them at all (when all other stations carried them) to run Maury Povich’s rather tasteless ‘Who’s my baby daddy?’ and ‘Which are the real women?’. He didnt respond to that at all.
    I don’t know Jim Bulleit (except for his being on television), I just think WDRB went way over the line with the shoplifting piece. Sour Grapes?…I think Mr. Lamb has a whole vineyard of the things.

  11. What happened to all the cartoons that came on saturday morning. My kids loved to watch sonic x and chaotic but now they cant watch them because all of them have been tookin off .

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