Lach’s Back, Here’s Why

The ‘Ville Voice has learned that WHAS Radio sports talk show host Lachlan McLean, who was indefinitely suspended from his job after reading an anti-U of L football poem on the air, is scheduled to be back to his regular duties on Monday. But the circumstance of his suspension and reinstatement should have the Cardinal Nation talking for a while.

mclean.jpgMcLean received a lengthy poem, apparently written by a die-hard University of Kentucky fan, and read it on the air prior to Kentucky’ s big win over the Cardinals in Lexington. The poem made several insensitive references to Cardinal linebacker Willie Williams. U of L athletics director Tom Jurich, who had taken a personal hand in recruiting Williams, was particularly irritated by the poem, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Williams was a talented football player with a troubled past. He had been arrested 11 times before signing at the University of Miami in 2004. After one year, he transferred to West Los Angeles Community College, and through a friend of Jurich’s, ended up on the U of L roster this season. He played in three of the team’s four games, and had not been particularly impressive.

After hearing McLean read the poem on-air on WHAS, according to sources, a seething Jurich exerted some influence by pressuring advertisers to pull out of McLean’s nightly show. That created a chain reaction that quickly resulted in what was later termed an “indefinite suspension” of McLean with no public explanation from the station.

Then, on Wednesday night, Williams decided to crank up his car stereo while driving around downtown. That attracted the attention of a police officer, who pulled him over. Inside Williams’ car, the cop found the linebacker trying to eat the evidence, and made him spit out a chaw of marijuana. When Williams was arrested, Jurich wasted no time in dismissing Williams from the team, from school, and from his life.

In a statement published in the C-J, Jurich said he was disappointed in Williams and wished him well. Jurich must know he’s in line for criticism for taking on Williams, and said in July that “It’s a leap of faith. I’ve been wrong on kids before.”

But maybe not this wrong. Now how does this relate to McLean?

Seems that since Williams was the subject of the poem that prompted McLean’s suspension, and that Jurich’s faith in Williams’ turnaround was unfounded, someone figured out that the whole affair was unfair to the talk radio host. Hence, McLean was told on Friday that he could come back to work Monday.

This affair, along with the many troubles the program has experienced this week, is drawing all the wrong kind of attention from “the fans” and every media operation imaginable. It makes the idea of getting through the aftermath of another loss horrifying.

Win or lose, and after this tumultuous week at U of L — it had better be win, McLean’s show will be worth listening to on Monday.

12 thoughts on “Lach’s Back, Here’s Why

  1. McClain has shown time and time again that he lacks the slightest iota of professionalism. His show is yet another example of a host being dedicated to achieving ratings by any means possible as opposed to providing quality programming. He shouldn’t be taken off the air for reading the poem, but he should be taken off the air.

  2. Lach is a great guy. Louisville is lucky to have a sports talk professional who is not in anyone’s back pocket. His is the only show that I tune my sat radio over to listen to.

  3. McClain is one of the best sports personalities in the state and the poem he read was funny and true. Williams had been arrested 11 times before louisville took a chance on him because thats just what uofl does. the movie the longest yard could have been filmed there and no one could of tell the difference between a school or a prison. Louisville is a clasless university that brings in thug after thug and when that stops maybe these poems would stope.

  4. Andy is a typical douche-bag. UK’s Steve Johnson spent some time in jail about 10 days before the UK-UofL game for fighting with a police officer that pulled him over. UK gave him a hug , a pat on the back and probably a few of Claude bassett’s leftover money orders and put him on the field. What about jamil Paris, the guy who was beating up illegal immigrants and stealing their money, or Michael Schwindel who was arrest for vandalizing his old high school, and the UK list goes on and on. UK winning,,.. just a matter of time until they are caught cheating again, happens about every 15 years.

    As for McClain. He has no journalistic intergrity. Why would he not read anything over the air, without proffing it first? How stupid. As a comedian he sucks, and as a sports journalist he is awful. I don’t listen to him anymore, haven’t for years, his show has no substance

  5. Don’t forget about the UK football players who were showing their privates to kids just a couple of years ago. Yeah, that’s a real stellar program being run in Lexington . . . . just a few years off of probation.

    If Clear Channel fired John Zieglar for his on-air comments they certainly should fire McLean. Doesn’t matter that WW got in trouble a couple of weeks later or the day after, what McLean did was WRONG. Period.

  6. wow! you must be a card fan because once again you display no facts and act very classless in your name calling. And wait to go on not leaving your name that cool i guess, I can understand why you would not want anyone to know your name. First off with the steven johnson comment all the charges were dropped and this was the first time steve johnson has had any trouble with the law unlike williams who knows the criminal justice inside and out. Also as for McClain you say why would he not read anything over the air with out proff reading it first, well maybe because there was nothing wrong with this poem. The poem was true and yet very funny.

  7. Louisville fan’s and Turlteneck Tommy for that matter are a bunch a sore loser’s and cry babies!!! Welcome back Lachlan!!!!

  8. “Louisville is a clasless university that brings in thug after thug and when that stops maybe these poems would stope.”

    Andy, did you even attend English class-Tell me you didn’t get your education at UK.

  9. Lachlan McClain did not read the poem after the UK win over Louisville. I listen to Lachlan every Tuesday and Thursday on my way home from work. He read it Thursday before the game. GET YOUR FACTS together before you write your piece. It’s sort of like proof reading don’t you think. I read this poem the next day and I didn’t think it was all that funny, and I understand why the UL fans would be upset, but on the other hand the Terry Mieners show is always putting UK down with his so called humor. I rarely listen to Terry Mieners but the few times that I have, he has been knocking UK in some way. I have NEVER heard him saying anything negative about UL, their fans or Coach Crum, but then like I stated I rarely listen to him. I do listen to Lachlan, and I even though I have been irritated by some of the things he has said about UK he does not rage on UK. For the last two weeks I have only listen to the show to see if Lachlan was still on “vacation”. I found it too boring. Welcome back Lachlan I will be listening again on Monday. How about those CATS!!!

  10. I’m a U of L fan. I’m also an avid WHAS listener, and a former commercial radio DJ. From a fan perspective, I really was irritated, but I must say that Lach does usually a very good job of showing both sides of the fan ‘coin’, and giving voice to fans from all of our various nearby schools, and I applaud him for that. I completely support his right to read the poem, and fans’ right to react in all their various ways.

    I lost a great deal of respect for WHAS in their response to this incident, I find it small-minded of their program director to fail to recognize that what Lach read was no worse than half a dozen episodes I’ve heard of “The Beesman” on Terry Meiners’ show, mocking UK fandom’s feints and jabs at the cardinals.

    From the radio perspective, the person I think has the biggest chunk of blame, if there is blame to be distributed, is Lach’s producer. On a radio show like his, where the personality spends two hours talking and responding to listeners, there is usually a separate producer (sometimes several) who answer calls, vet questions, and vet e-mails to determine what should get to the top of the stack. Lach takes the callers as they come, but I have no doubt someone was reviewing emails and flagged the poem as a cute humor item to end one of his segments. It did not contain anything that was a violation of an FCC regulation, and was certainly no worse than some of the “Beesman” clips which take jabs at both UofL and UK, along with race, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. Lach’s error, in my eyes, was when he read through the poem far enough to realize “Hey, this is really bad..” he should have stopped, rather than continuing to read it. However, good radio means finishing what you start, so I’m certain he plowed forward, trying to keep that illusion of preparedness as intact as possible.

    Anyway. that’s my two cents and pocket lint.

  11. Corrections needed:

    All of Steve Johnson’s charges were not dismissed. Most of the traffic charges were dismissed when he provided proof of insurance and a valid license. However, he still faces resisting arrest charges for his refusal to cooperate with the arresting officer. Andy is critical of posters which he claims fail to cite facts to support their opinion, but he can’t even cite the truth.

    Lachlan was never on AFTER the UK-U of L game. He was suspended before that game. So he has never commented about the Uk game or the syracuse game on the air.

    Come on people – just because you have a computer and an opinion doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be accurate with facts.

  12. I know this is an old thread but, eh what the heck.

    #1 It’s Lachlan MCLEAN, not McClain for all of you goofball commenters.

    #2 Lachlan is the best thing about WHAS. He is the number 1 reason I listen to that station all day.

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