Clearing up the Smokescreen

This morning, the C-J’s Dan Klepal reported the good news that the smoking ban in Louisville is working. The number of complaints is down from 12 a day in August to about four per day. I wonder, though, if there’s really been much of a decline in smoking in the places where no one has taken much notice of the ban anyway.

For instance, I was dragged by my wife to a wedding reception Saturday night in my old neighborhood off Southern Parkway.  The promise of complimentary adult beverages was the only real attraction for me.  At the American Legion Post on Woodlawn,  the building is divided into two areas — one where the wedding reception was being held, and another where the Kentucky game was on TV and a crowd of a couple dozen folks was enjoying themselves with beer and smoke. I think half the people in the bar had a cigarette going when I walked in.

Now I guess I’m getting used to the smoke-free atmosphere of places I regularly visit, because the smell was immediately evident.  And disgusting. When I asked the bartender how they got around the ban, I got an unfriendly look.

So yes, I called the violation in to MetroCall at 311. Had to have the street address, though.

The attitude at the American Legion seemed to be that if no one said anything, we can do what we want. The Post wasn’t on the list of businesses that have already been cited, listed in the C-J, most of whom haven’t paid their citations anyway. I wonder how many others are floating under the radar of the woefully under-staffed enforcement staff in the Public Health Department.

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