But First, the Weather

Finally, it’s raining.

‘Nole Way — WAVE’s Bob Domine says the rumors that Florida State is recruiting Tom Jurich to become its new athletics director are real, and that the courtship has been going on for four months. Nice work in pulling up video of Jurich interview from July, saying unconvincingly that he wasn’t looking. Before you say no way, remember that in sports, and life, every man has his price. But it is reassuring to U of L fans that Jurich’s twin daughters just committed to play field hockey at U of L. And, despite the whining from the get-a-life crowd, Jurich will NOT leave because a few fans booed the team last week.

Funny how these kinds of stories get started after two losses.

2X Tales — After hearing the story’s tease, I thought Stephan Johnson, on Fox41, was going to tell me how community leader Christopher 2X supports himself. 2X does some valuable community service work, and is a fixture on local TV. He always seems to be there representing crime victims, no matter their race. Johnson got an exclusive interview with 2X, but when he asked 2x how he makes a living, really let him off the hook. The felon-turned-community leader (he’s a reformed drug dealer) said that a group of business leaders came to him and offered financial support in 2005, and that he barely survives. I’ll buy that, but wish Johnson had asked who these people are.

He Barks, She Purrs — In LEO, Stephen George uncovers some shaky accounting practices at Metro Animal Services, and what seems to be a typical government response — fire the whistleblower. This situation doesn’t stink to the level of this week’s actions by the Jefferson County Coroner, and the amount of money involved seems small. Still, in an agency under a lot of heat with new duties as a result of the County dog ordinance, firing employees who call attention to problems doesn’t seem the right move.

Rules for Begging — The Metro Council has good intentions with its new rules for panhandling. Penalties for violators include a $250 fine (yea, right) and a night in jail for “aggressive” begging. The new rules restrict requests for money on the street to a limited number of public places, and make it illegal after dark. David Tandy, D-4th District, is the sponsor of the ordinance.

C-J Slaps Hill on Kids–A C-J editorial this morning chastises Baron Hill (D-Ind.) for being one of eight Democratic House members to vote against the controverial S-CHIP legislation extending health care insurance for children. Both John Yarmuth and Ben Chandler voted for the bill, which is financed by a whopping increase in the national cigarette tax. Was Hill protecting tobacco farmers with his vote? Seems to be the case. Both Steve Beshear and Ernie Fletcher, on the campaign trail, have expressed opposition to any increase in Kentucky’s paltry cigarette tax, but don’t seem to have anything to say about this bill. President Bush is likely to veto the bill, which would provide health care benefits to 3.8 million American children.

Future of WHAS Pow-Wow — Anticipated by some in the newsroom as a potential opportunity for significant change and a philosophical look at the station’s future, there was not much that came of Tuesday’s big pow-wow at WHAS-TV. Some anchor shuffling: Rachel Platt will rejoin Andy Treinen on the anchor desk in the mornings. Renee Murphy is moving to anchoring the 5:30 newscast, and Melissa Swan anchors at 5, 6, and 11. And those giant hammer mic flags are being replaced.

I’m pretty sure there were some disappointed that news director Aaron Ramey, who I’m told has “lost the newsroom,” survived another day.

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