A Maze of Choices

Everybody knows that Jerry Abramson is far and away the most popular public official in Jefferson County. But quick — who’s number two?

You’d get few arguments against Jefferson County Attorney Irv Maze, who has a significant political organization around here and a world of appealing choices ahead of him.

Maze got a taste of statewide campaigning during the 2007 primary for Governor as Jonathan Miller’s running mate, and proved he had the pulling power to attract a significant chunk of votes in Jefferson County. He was elected to his third term as Jefferson County Attorney in 2006, so the easy thing for him to do would be to stay put.

But word is that Maze has higher ambitions, and that could land him a 2008 race for the Kentucky Supreme Court seat now occupied by recently appointed justice Lisabeth Hughes Abramson. The winner of that special election in the 4th District won’t face re-election again until 2014. Most insiders believe Maze could win that campaign. He might also opt for a seat on the Kentucky Court of Appeals, another winnable race, for the seat vacated by Abramson when she was appointed to the Supreme Court after the death of William McAnulty.

The other spot Maze might covet is some undetermined role in the future administration of Steve Beshear, provided Beshear is elected governor in November — which is becoming a more likely outcome every day. Maze, who helped Beshear win the primary when he and Miller dropped out and endorsed Beshear, could likely command a top Cabinet post with Beshear.

So what will Irv do? We won’t find out until early ’08.

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  1. Good article. Rumors have been going around for about a month. Maze is a great county attorney. A lot of folks would hate to have him leave . I worry about who would replace him and would that person be as tough on child support and DUI cases. Maze would do a great job in whatever position he decides to pursue. We will just have to wait and see.

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