You Want the Score, Too?

Competition among stations for kingpin status on coverage of high school football on Friday nights is pretty intense.  Stations are able to sell special sponsorships for their segments, like Cricket on WAVE-TV’s coverage. With the short time frames and hip-hopping across town, however, it’s a tough assignment for sports staffs.

That said, it was shocking to see WAVE-TV’s veteran sportscaster Bob Domine anchor his station’s Touchdown Friday Night show on high school football and make a colossal mistake. He showed several clips from Manual’s 20-13 win over Central, then turned to the camera and said, “I haven’t the slightest idea who won that game,” before asking someone to call in with the score. Let’s see, isn’t the whole point of sports reporting to tell your audience who won?

To be fair, the game started late because of the heat, and was delayed because of a power outage. The winning score came in the final minute, which was getting close to 11 p.m.  But it seems pretty simple to get this one right. Just give your cell number to a player’s parent and have them call when the game ends. I’ll be at all the Manual games. I’d be glad to do it.

5 thoughts on “You Want the Score, Too?

  1. I think the purpose of that statement was to let people know NO ONE called in the score. The only station that had the final was WHAS, because they were doing a live shot from there.

  2. Obviously, whoever wrote this article has never worked at t.v. station. If you had, you would know how hard it is to get scores when the games start at 7:30, let alone 8! I work at a local station and we have a person who’s specific job is to obtain the scores, but sometimes we don’t get it. Either people don’t call us with the scores, or they’re not posted on the various websites we depend on to get the scores. All four stations do a great job of getting the scores on as quickly as possible, but obviously you can do it better, so for now on, we will depend on your website to get scores on Friday night.

  3. It would seem likely news channel sport departments would have developed a relationship with the local high school’s Athletic Directors and/or coaches that a telephone call to or from a cell phone would be standard practice. If not, maybe they should start especially if they choose to hype their Friday Night High School Football news programs.

    We watch to see who won and yes, for the score.

  4. It’s very simple: If the school’s want the score on, CALL THEM IN!

    Photographers give out cards at games, schools are supposed to assign people to call in a score, but if both fail, people in sports do not have the time to call every single school and ask for every single score; anyone who’s ever worked on a football friday knows how many things happen towards the deadline.

    If a school can’t take the time to pick up the phone and call a sports department, why should stations cover them?

  5. Here is an idea. Several high school games are now simucast on the web. If we want the scores we can ignore the tv sports and go to the web to get it ourselves along with replay. Also, if we apply this type of logic to all news or human interest, we need to hope the robbed banks or the robbers or the people having a cookout in the park, phone it in to the news stations so it will be covered?????

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