Mayor Jer Makes Esquire

esquireJerry Abramson is among 36 American mayors featured in the September Esquire, which just arrived over the weekend. My favorite mag crashed the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Beverly Hills, taking pictures of city leaders and giving each one a brief comment. A handful got to model new suits — the feature was in the Style section.

Hizzoner’s answer to what is his greatest challenge? “Absorbing the diversity of immigrants coming in from all over the world.” He also recommends visiting the park system as the best thing to do in town. Huh?
If I had to rank all the mayors’ answers, that one would be, oh, 35th out of 36. What do you think our city’s greatest challenge is? I’m not sure many of us would rank absorbing immigrants at the top of the list, though it is important. The safe answer might have been something about the challenge of changing the school system in light of the Supreme Court decision on integration. Or maybe the challenge of infrastructure building. Or the challenge of remaining so popular.

Esquire’s Ross McCammon concludes that being Mayor, even with all its perks, may be the hardest job in America.

My favorite answer was from Timothy McDonough of Hope, N.J., who said he ran for mayor because the mayor told him to shut up at a township meeting. Denver’s mayor, John Hickenlooper, gained fame by leading a campaign to keep the name “Mile High Stadium.”

The full story isn’t online, at least not yet.