Johnny on the Shot — WHAS Gets Video

There was no disagreement among stations on Aug. 27 about what was the lead story on newscasts — a mentally ill 44-year-old man was shot dead about Noon at a National City Bank near Bashford Manor. But the coverage of the accident varied widely, and WHAS-TV outhustled its competitors.

WHAS-TV videographer Ron Johnson captured Guy Ray III’s death at the hands of Louisville SWAT team members from 70 yards away, while the station’s helicopter filmed the same scene from above. The station, which blurred the image as Ray is hit and falls to the ground, was the only local station with the dramatic video of Ray being gunned down.

The video itself is clear and detailed. The station counted 11 shots in the 7 seconds it took for Ray to walk out of the bank with a rifle in hand, apparently with a death wish. And even though all local stations talked with Ray’s father, only WHAS clearly lableled it for what it apparently was: suicide by cop.

The station had this quote from Ray’s father: “Suicide by cop is exactly what happened today.”

4 thoughts on “Johnny on the Shot — WHAS Gets Video

  1. Kudos to them for getting the video (though I understand police asked choppers not to fly over the scene…WHAS never listens when police make that request).

    But, how many times do you have to run it? We get it. Police shot a man with a history of mental illness. Do you think his family wants to see his death over and over and over and over and over again?

  2. no will, ubs is NOT that dumb (though i can’t say the same for you). he’s right. to the best of my knowledge only a WHAS and WDRB photog were standing at the hikes lane position rolling live tape on the ground as he came out of the bank. a courier still photog was in the same position. all other crews were either out of view on bardstown road or at the lmpd staging/press conference area to the east.

    and observer, you’re off the mark as well. lmpd asked for an end to live broadcasts that might give away their positions, since they learned guy had a television on inside. helicopters weren’t asked to leave the scene, just to stop showing live pictures.

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