Cooling Off

Enough with the heat already. High school football starts up around here tonight and maybe we’ll have something to talk about other than “you know what.” Don’t tell me your troubles – I’ve been riding around in a car with no A.C.

Don’t Drink and Dive – On Wednesday, local stations led newscasts with live reports from Cherokee Park, where it was later learned that 46-year-old Jeffrey Sullivan drowned after taking a leap into the lake. He and a few buddies reportedly had a few beers and decided to go swimming, or looking for golf balls. WHAS’ Emily Zander checked it out, and said there were no “No Swimming” signs posted. C-J

arena.jpgOffice Depot Arena? – The Louisville Arena Authority unveiled its design Tuesday. It looks a little bit like a giant office scanner. Wait a minute. Did Jim Host having naming rights sales (that would be $27 million in the budget) in mind when he consulted with architects? C-J

The Cheerleader-Journal – The local paper has pretty much given the arena project a free pass, so it’s not surprising the paper’s editorial board penned a gloating editorial Tuesday, calling out skeptics (I think they mean Billy Reed here) and giving the Mayor credit for envisioning the $2 billion in downtown investment that includes the Water Co. block. But with Louisville Gardens being renovated in hopes of landing a minor league hockey team, just what will fill the new Arena’s 340 dates that don’t involve U of L basketball? C-J

Fair Game – Amidst all the arena talk, and all the talk of gambling, it’s a wonder that a casino is not planned for the new arena. That is, after all, the only topic that matters in this fall’s election for Governor, at least if you listen to the current office holder. He’s dominated the news with his anti-gambling bluster. Not content to simply anger Democrats in the Bluegrass with his fact-challenged logic, Fletcher seems to be taking on a whole town of folks who won’t vote in the fall election with his anti-gambling rhetoric. And during the State Fair breakfast this week, Jim Bunning said he was NOT on board with the crusade, er, charade. Mitch McConnell, too, despite publicly supporting Fletcher in the race, is playing his cards close to the vest.

The Big Picture — This week, our old boss Bruce Lunsford helped us out with a quote about the launch of Page One Kentucky. Not that he needs our help, but we’re glad to see that the public is finally getting a chance to see one of his movies — at least the public in New York and L.A. We just look forward to seeing more of Mandy Moore when the film “Dedication” opens in Louisville, probably in September. Yes, Bruce, we’d love to attend the local premiere.

Ins and OutsZander isn’t the only new face on local TV. WAVE promoted Lindsay English, who had been a producer at the station for two years, and is now the newest investigator at the station. I’ve been impressed with her so far, and this week she had a good piece on those who think it’s cruel to tigers and alligators to have them perform at the Fair. And veteran sportscaster Gary Montgomery is calling it quits at WDRB-TV at the end of the month. He had been at the station since 1994.

End of Azalea – East End upscale diners suffer a setback as Azalea closed suddenly this week. As is often the case in restaurant closings, the Brownsboro Road bistro known for its wine nights and eclectic menu gave no notice and left fans wondering what happened. Area foodies have been discussing it amongst themselves.

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  1. That discussion thread makes the point that no one is really upset about the closing of Azalea. It had become bland and boring over the past few years with no real fans.

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