Pardon the interrpution, but…

If you think Louisville’s own Rick Bozich and Pat Forde can be half as entertaining as the guys on ESPN’s Pardon the Interrpution, then a new show on cable might be worth watching.

Bozich and Forde will host a new bi-weekly program, Page One Sports, on Insight Cable’s ICN2. The first one, airing July 31 at 9 p.m., is likely to feature a look at the upcoming college football season. Bozich says he and Forde, who have known each other 20 years, will adopt the style made funny by Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon on the ESPN show.

Last year, the duo faced off in a few entertaining bits on WHAS-TV newscasts in a segment called “The Last Word.” And both have extensive TV cred: both Forde and Bozich have done guests spots on ESPN’s lineup of sports talk shows featuring sportswriters.

Bozich adds there will be guests on each show, and have landed Cards’ QB Brian Brohm for the first one. They’ll answer e-mail from viewers and spout some strong opinion.

There’s no shortage of sports talk on TV and radio these days, even on a local basis. Most of it isn’t worth the time it takes to flip the switch. But in Bozich and Forde, you’ve got a couple of guys who know what’s what around here in sports, and are comfortable enough in front of the camera to deliver an entertaining half-hour. Maybe not to the level of Kornheiser and Wilbon, but it’ll be worth checking out.

3 thoughts on “Pardon the interrpution, but…

  1. Forde is a buffoon, not to mention a hack. Maybe Bozich can finally get Forde to discuss why the C-J suspended him and took his column away. As if we don’t know already.

  2. Forde is a jerk. Sitting on the barstool at the Outlook Inn bitching about Denny Crum. Have no idea why he hated Crum, but he made every effort to get rid of him and said he would.

    No matter your opinion of Coach Crum’s last years, he was a fine coach and gentleman. Nobody could say the same about Forde.

    The CJ showed how low it had sunk when it only suspened Forde. Barry Bingham would have fired the classless bastard in a heartbeat.

  3. You guys show how little you know about Pat.

    Forde is a great guy with amazing contacts and, if you haven’t noticed, is as dialed in with UofL folks as anyone around (notice how he breaks all Cards stories? Think that’s a coincidence?).

    Congrats on sitting next to Pat at the Outlook Inn – I usually am able to tell a person’s life about someone by some random event where I don’t even speak to them. You and I are probably the only two people on earth with this superhuman ability.

    Whine and bitch about Pat all you want: He’s going places on ESPN.

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