Next Man Out at WHAS – Tim Seymour

The challenge facing new WHAS-TV general manager Mark Pimental got a little bit tougher the day after he was announced as the new G.M. — reporter and part-time anchor Tim Seymour accepted an anhoring job in Cedar Rapids.

Seymour, who has been at WHAS-TV for four years, had seen his anchoring duties cut back when Andy Treinen was hired to anchor Good Morning Kentuckiana. The station moved Joe Arnold to weekends, and Seymour was literally out on the streets — reporting.  And apparently that was enough to get Seymour to look for a way out of a bad situation. Seymour had previously worked at WLKY-TV before moving from there to Minneapolis, then came back for the WHAS-TV job in 2003.

Seymour’s departure is the fifth in the station’s newsroom since March. Reporter Jenny McLendon left for law school in May, followed by the sudden retirement of anchor Jean West late last month. Reporter Kerri Richardson took a job with the Mayor’s office, and last week assistant news director Caroline Imler took a news director’s job in Harrisburg, Pa.

It’s also clear that Seymour’s wasn’t the only newsroom resume making the rounds. This is not the last of personnel changes at WHAS-TV.

4 thoughts on “Next Man Out at WHAS – Tim Seymour

  1. Welcome to the club. And to the poster on the Jean West thread, don’t even think about calling Tim “dead weight.” He is the kind of reporter News Direcors should love, hard working and full of new ideas. What a loss for WHAS. Lets see who they decide to hire now so far it seems to be more about attitude or look than anythnig else.

  2. Pimentel:

    Someone much wiser than me once observed, “The best way to get into television news management is to be a failure as a producer.” Case in point, Pimentel’s stint at Atlanta’s WXIA… dead last when he got there, dead last when he left.
    During his time at Lexington’s WTVQ he’s overpaid main anchors nobody watches,hired a New Director who has taken the station even deeper into the ratings abyss, and done nothing to change the climate that gives the sales department rate cards full of hash marks, 1’s and 2’s in the key demos.
    In short, it’s a great day for WLKY and WAVE.

  3. Tim was such an excellent reporter, and even better anchor, but WHAS’s news director had bigger plans … like demoting him from weekend anchor to a 5-day a week reporter.

    I’m sure the ND will spin this is as “We’d love to keep him, but how could we compete with a main anchor job?”. Anyone that knows Tim understands he liked Louisville and wanted to stay, but not under this regime.

    So it’s Jean, Jenny, Kerri, and Tim, all disenchanted with the current management, all now gone. Anyone else gonna join?

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