Miller’s Double Duty Questioned

This week the Kentucky Enquirer’s Pat Crowley made some state Republicans happy by writing about the heatjonathanmiller.jpg Jonathan Miller is taking for working one political job (Democratic Party Chairman) while holding one political office (State Treasurer).

In doing so, Crowley gave Republican Party Chair Steve Robertson a soapbox on which to needle Miller, especially after Robertson gave up his own job in the Fletcher administration to run the party’s political operations. Robertson thinks Miller should give up his cushy treasurer’s post if he’s going to spend all his time helping get Steve Beshear elected governor.

Miller, who gave up his own run for governor to help Beshear win the May primary (in what some say was a pre-arranged deal for the KDP job), said he’s doing all the political work on his free time, pointing out the wall Miller says exists between the treasurer’s office and the KDP.

Then Miller said that if he’s being called into question, so should the Governor and his running mate, Robbie Rudolph, both of whom have jobs to do while they’re running for office. Melinda Wheeler, who’s running for treasurer as a Republican and famously vowed to work to eliminate the office, chimed in to Crowley that Miller is working full-time for the party and should quit the treasurer’s post.

Back and forth we go, but in this media skirmish, Miller certainly took a hit. Is he working full-time for the party, or just in his “free time”? If he wants to fight this fight, Miller should release information about where and how he’s spending his time, or resign as treasurer. Otherwise, he’d be well-advised to let the story die a natural death, and focus on other issues.

Nonetheless, Robertson’s attack is just another sign that the Republicans will be aggressive in the media during the campaign. They have to be, given that their man is so far behind in the polls. Democrats wisely recruited Vicki Glass to become the Beshear campaign’s spokesperson this week (she formerly did A.G. Greg Stumbo‘s P.R., so she’s quite familiar with Republican tactics).

One thing she’ll have to work on is keeping the state’s political writers from giving too much space to stories like this one.

3 thoughts on “Miller’s Double Duty Questioned

  1. Vicki doesn’t have campaign experience so don’t expect to hear much from her. She’ll end up serving as the communications director for the Beshear administration if he wins. That’s where she performs well. Could be a good move on her part when it comes to her career. Could also be a sign that the Beshear campaign isn’t focusing on communication at all and will rely 100% on the KDP to run their camp.

    That raises further questions because Robert Kellar was never heard from while he was serving as Beshear’s spokesperson and has now moved to be the KDP’s spokesperson. Will it be all gambling all the time? Will we even know? How will this California man handle speaking to the average Kentuckian?

    If Jonathan is still holding down his full-time job as Treasurer like he was prior to running for office then there are a few questions that need to be answered. Why is he moving key staff from the Treasurer’s office to the KDP? Chad Aull is one of those staffers and served as the Treasurer’s Deputy COS.

  2. This is pretty desparate to pick on Miller for that. Prior Governors and legislators have stripped so many functions of the Treasurers office, that it is truly a part-time job. This is not even
    to the level of Dr. Steve Henry practicing medicine while Lt.Governor. What is Steve Pence doing I am sure no one would blame him for working on some other job, after what Fletcher has left for him.

  3. Wouldn’t say that anyone is picking on Miller. But Miller has repeatedly said he works full-time as Treasurer and part-time as KDP chair. His actions tell a different story.

    And there is no proof that Steve Henry ever practiced medicine while Lt. Governor. Wasn’t he fired from UofL?

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