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It’s not often that the Courier-Journal advertises its product on television, so I took notice when the new spot started airing this week.

And it’s pretty good. If you haven’t seen it — it shows a bunch of different individuals dancing with graphics behind them touting different parts of the paper’s offering, primarily touting the new Neighborhoods Section. The spot is peppy and full of energy.

It’s the sort of aggressive marketing the paper needs and that it should be doing. In fact, the C-J seems to have emerged from its celebrated transition to a more “connected” organization in pretty good shape. As someone tied to a desk all day, I appreciate the paper’s e-mail alerts and its quick response to breaking news.

The Neighborhoods section, spotlighted in the TV ad, has brought me news that I wasn’t getting before — like today’s piece on the re-emergence of Impellizeri’s Pizza on Bardstown Road – and last week’s story about the changes in the building that housed the old Highlands Bicycle Shop. I admit I’m not much interested in the reader-supplied photos and stories, but they seem to have their place.

As much as I’ve criticized the Courier here, I think the paper is improving. It’s good to see.

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  1. I expect to come back to the blog in the near future. I’m working on the Lunsford campaign for Governor and can’t keep the blog going at the same time. I hope you’ll vote for Bruce in the Dem. Primary on May 22. Thanks!

    Rick Redding

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