The Boyd is Back in Town

After eight years of dodging bullets in Iraq and other outposts, Terry Boyd is back covering retail and advertising for Business First. Terry, who sat across from me in the paper’s newsroom for a couple of years, told me how he came to the decision to get home.

“I was going up in a helicopter when we just dropped suddenly. I looked at my watch, and I was exactly 50 years old. I figure I’d used up all my luck. So I said that was it, right then.”

So Boyd, known during his days at BF for stirring the pot, called BF editor Carol Timmons and got his old job back. I’m hoping he’ll bring some scoops to the paper and unearth some controversy on his beats. Knowing Terry, I’d be shocked if he doesn’t do just that.

Terry said the journalism work in Iraq was rewarding but dangerous, and is getting more so every day. “I got shot at all the time,” he said. “Even the Green Zones were dangerous, they were places buses wouldn’t take us.”

When Terry left Louisville for the gig with Stars and Stripes, a lot of us thought he was crazy, and that he’d be back quickly. No one guessed he’d take his family on an eight-year odyssey around the world.  He seems better for the experience, and I’m looking forward to seeing his byline around here again.

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  1. welcome back T. yeah, you’re crazy, but that’s in your DNA.

    you still owe me for that bet we made in schloss-johannisberg …

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