3 thoughts on “TV Spot: Job Done

  1. You reported that the ratings were down for WHAS and the GM has resigned. What’s the real connection? Why has WHAS lost ground in your opinion?

  2. My opinion is this: WHAS, more than any other station, has made strategic mistakes in its news product. I know the station depends more on the recommendations of out-of-state consultants than any other in town. That’s why you see all the overdone “Breaking News” and the over-emphasis on weather. They’re juggling personnel in the morning. They don’t take advantage of their strength–veteran reporters like Olmstead and Hebert. I’d put them third in online presence. The other stations haven’t taken the bait, and have stuck with solid reporting. That was obvious to anyone who attended the SPJ news director forum last fall. It’s taken awhile, but viewers have had enough. When the station focused on journalism, it was in front. So no matter what he says, Klingle wasn’t getting the job done and, at the least, picked a good time to leave. And I think the News Director, Aaron Ramey, will be next to go. I don’t see Belo standing pat as its ratings fall. And there’s something else brewing over there, but I can’t talk about it yet.

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