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There’s some changes worth noticing among our local newsroom personnel. My source on this remains anonymous, but I’ll be interested to hear from anyone who has an argument with the facts to follow.

First, the revolving door at WAVE-TV continues with the departure of Eric Flack, who has accepted a move up to Cincinnati’s WLWT. Flack has been carrying the ball for the station’s reporting team, and did some good investigative pieces during his cup of coffee career at WAVE. It must be perplexing for news director Lee Eldridge, a Louisville native who just arrived from a Rochester station in mid-December. Eldridge seems to be a skilled newsroom manager who didn’t expect to spend so much of his time hiring. See my earlier post on the WAVE reporting staff.

According to WAVE’s Web site, he’s hired one new reporter in Mark Schnyder. He seems to have one of those media marriages, as his wife worked with him for seven years at a Knoxville station. Now she’s in St. Louis, and he’ll be reporting for WAVE and seeing her on weekends. My guess is that Eldridge still has three or four spots open, and there are jobs open for an Executive Producer and Photographer as well.

For my money, Carrie Weils new look on WAVE’s Sunrise program puts her at the top of the class in local morning shows.

Meanwhile, they’re shuffling personnel at WHAS-TV as ratings continue to slide. The former number one has been consistently finishing third (about a third of the time) in the February ratings book, and its extended “snowcast” you read about here did an abysmal 0.9. Melanie Snow moves to the weekend morning anchor chair, and reporter Sean Bartel is moving to mornings. Its morning anchor team, Andy Treinen and Renee Murphy, just isn’t pulling the audience that the station once did.

With WAVE’s staffing issues and WHAS’ trying to figure out what to do, WLKY is taking up the slack and moving up in local news ratings.

2 thoughts on “TV News Roomors

  1. I’m glad to see Eric Flack go. I lost all trust in him as well as WAVE after his trainwreck of a story on Michael Moore. Love Moore or hate him. Flack’s story was a biased, Fox News worthy piece of trash. Flack traveled to Michigan to find people who hate Moore. All the people who were interviewed had bad things to say about Moore. All these people were featured in Moore’s documentary about GM. They all felt they should have gotten royalties from the film even though that doesn’t happen in a documentary. He said Moore lied about the bad effect GM closing and laying off had on Flint. The facts are that it had a terrible effect. Good Luck Eric and I’ll look for ya soon on Fox.

  2. Quite the contrary. Lee Eldridge probably DID figure to spend most of his time hiring. I worked at the station he was at iin Rochester. He did everything in his power to force the veteran reporters out and hire newer, cheaper, and blonder reporters. He officially succeeded in forcing out them all except one, turned the station into a joke, and before they knew what hit them, he was gone. His MO is to come into a station, clean house, put his own people in and then leave before the s*@t hits the fan. He’s only out to pad his resume. I’m sure this reporter won’t be the first to go, so be prepared for the complete restructuring of this station.

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