Next Up: Amateur Hour in C-J Neighborhoods

The Courier-Journal is really taking this citizen participation thing to heart. On Feb. 28, the Neighborhoods section is reaching out to enlist a bunch of volunteer contributors to the paper. The planned sections include “Amen Corner”, so that clergy and their congregants can submit photos and copy from their church; Coach’s Corner, so Little League coaches can tout their tykes; plus stuff on neighbors, businesses and simple pats on the back to do-gooders.

If you have something you’ve created, the C-J wants to publish it.

It’s easy to criticize this effort — why would the C-J give space and time to this rather trivial stuff while it is failing to adequately cover actual, real news. It has cut back on its paid reporting staff, and stories that should be covered are getting missed. See my post on LEO’s exclusive story.

It’s no secret that in terms of political coverage, Lexington’s Herald-Leader is hitting home runs while the C-J is struggling to hit .200. The efforts by the C-J to create a readable and entertaining blog section, on any topic, have not gained any traction.  Videos? Nobody’s watching. The top video today is a Tumbleweed commercial. Photo Galleries? Not much interest.

I give the C-J credit for trying to be inclusive of its readership. Maybe bringing in a bunch of amateurs to fill its Neighborhoods section will be a success. Be warned, though. Depending on volunteers to produce a viable, marketable product is no way to run a business.

2 thoughts on “Next Up: Amateur Hour in C-J Neighborhoods

  1. Rick, thanks for the two links to We’re having a great year. You might want to double check your facts, however, about our photo galleries. Stop by and I’ll give you a tour and some jaw-dropping numbers.

  2. John, I’d be happy to publish the numbers on views of your photo galleries. Not sure my jaw will drop, but if those numbers are that good, I’d love to tell that story. And I also wonder if your video views are moving up at all. . .

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