Bloggers, Others, Like New Lunsford-Stumbo Site Already Receiving Praise from BlogsDemocratic Candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor Bruce Lunsford and Greg Stumbo today launched their Campaign for Change website one day before the kick-off of their campaign in Prestonsburg.

The website address is:

This new website continues to build on the excitement and energy of the past weeks and will serve as the campaign’s online headquarters.

The Campaign for Change website contains interactive features such as a campaign blog, a video clips library, and a photo blog; as well as useful information for voters about Lunsford, Stumbo and their plan to take on the challenges facing Kentucky and get the state back in business.

Throughout the campaign, Lunsford and Stumbo will continue to update the site with dynamic content that details their visits with Kentuckians across the Commonwealth, news from the trail and other information important to Kentucky voters.

Kentuckians interested in volunteering on, contributing to, or receiving messages from the campaign can also sign-up on the website.

The website has already drawn rave reviews from blogs. TheBridge, a widely read political blog, called it the “Best KY Gub Website for 2007.”

TheBridge says: “I LOVE THE LUNSFORD-STUMBO FOR CHANGE site. It is one of the best political websites that I have even seen. Great colors!  Great visuals! Best features!”

Lunsford and Stumbo are aggressivly using the Internet to reach out to young voters and voters across Kentucky.  The campaign has created webpages on social networking sites including, Facebook and louisville mojo.

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