Found on WHAS: Mel Ignatow

WHAS-TV had an exclusive interview with Mel Ignatow last night. It looked like reporter Chuck Olmstead staked out a home owned by Ignatow’s brother, where Ignatow says he’s living temporarily. He nabbed the interview with the recently released murderer. The home is on Green Manor Drive, off Fegenbush Lane in the southeast section of the city. WAVE-TV’s Eric Flack got Ignatow on the phone and talked with several residents about their new neighbor. And WLKY-TV failed to cover the story last night.

Known as the man who got away with murder in local circles, Ignatow served time for perjury and was recently released. He told Olmstead he had plans for the future, but wasn’t willing to reveal them. Considering that he must be the least popular man on Green Manor Drive, Ignatow seemed poised during the interview, which occurred when Olmstead ambushed him getting out of his car in the driveway.

Ignatow said he’s been a born-again Christian since just after the 1988 murder, and claims to be a changed man. He doesn’t appear to be someone capable of committing a crime, but he’s still not someone you’d welcome to your own neighborhood. He told Oldmstead he plans to work in ministry.  Despite the ambush tactic of the interview, Olmstead apologized to Ignatow and promised he wouldn’t be chasing him around any longer, and in fact explained why the WHAS truck would be stationed in front of his house during a live shot.

WAVE’s Flack, on the other hand, must have arrived at the scene later. He told listeners at 5:30 that Ignatow wouldn’t come to the door to talk with him, and told a story filled with speculation about what Ignatow might do. Later, he got a phone interview for the 11:00 newscast.

Maybe Ignatow chose to talk with Olmstead, and not Flack, because of Olmstead’s history with the case — he’s probably someone Ignatow is familiar with and comfortable talking with. Olmstead has likely followed the case and reported on it since it happened 18 years ago, while Flack was in elemantary school.  That’s not Flack’s fault, but shows the value of a veteran reporter.

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  1. I’ve always heard…. “What goes around, comes around.” Maybe this is the MAN Upstairs’ way of giving Mel his just reward. Hopefully, Brenda Sue is laughing in her grave…. justice has been done.

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