Local Film Company to “Grace” Sundance

grace1.jpgIn yesterday’s New York Times, there was a preview of the Jan. 18-28 Sundance Film Festival which lists many of the 64 films which will be shown during the competition in Park City, Utah. It’s a prestigious list, and making it signals to the movie-making community that you’ve made a quality picture.

I’ve seen one the films on the list, “Grace is Gone” courtesy of the Louisville production company started by local entrepreneurs Ed Hart and Bruce Lunsford. In August, I wrote a cover story for LEO about the company, which at the time had three films in production along with Plum Pictures of New York.

While the version I saw was a rough cut, without music or final editing, it was an entertaining film. John Cusack, as a widowed father, put on some weight and grew longer hair for the role — in other words, he looks nothing like he did in hits like Grosse Pointe Blank and The Ice Harvest. It is a thoughtful film, and one that Cusack was passionate about starring in. It’s not really a protest of the war, but the subject is the reaction of Cusack’s character to his wife’s death in Iraq. Cusack, who is known for his Democratic political views, has spoken out publicly against the war in Iraq.

It’s not known when the film might be available to a Louisville audience. That depends on the marketing of the film and whether it is picked up by a distributor. It could also be available on DVD in 2007.

Another project from Hart-Lunsford and Plum Pictures, the movie “Dedication” is among the 64 films on the Sundance list.