Picking Winners

The Louisville Cardinals, 38-21. Lava Man by a length. John Yarmuth by two points.

That’s my view on how things will turn out this week in the city’s biggest, well, events. Attention to each of these results will be felt well beyond the city. Tonight, despite some cold temps, it’s going to be something for a national audience to see all those black shirts in the stadium, and I think the Cards are up to the task. But, I’d like to be in Rutgers shoes next week. Back to my days at Tennessee, the best time to play a nationally ranked power is the week after the biggest game of the year. In terms of media, a record 700-plus credentials have been issued. ESPN is pulling out all the stops. Former C-J columnist Pat Forde was interviewed last night, and there’s a pretty good feature on Chris Fowler of College Gameday in the C-J.

I’m not paying a whole lot of attention to the Breeders Cup, but I wish I were.  From talk radio, I gather that Bernardini could go off an even-money favorite in the Classic, so the smart money will be elsewhere.

Best TV of Wednesday night — Hands down the debate on WAVE-TV between Jack Conway and Jim Milliman. And guess what — asked to predict the outcomes of races on Tuesday, Conway picked all Dems, and Milliman had an opposite view.  My pick is Yarmuth in the 3rd District, but they may be my heart talking.