He Is Sexy, but CJ’s Fenton Needs a Calendar

Robert EggerToday’s Courier-Journal “The Buzz” column leads with an intriguing item — Robert Egger, one of the Oprah’s “16 Sexiest Men In America” — is supposed to speak to a gathering of the Center for Non-Profit Excellence. Egger, who lives in Washington, D.C., has ties to Louisville and a sister, Fenton points out, who is looking forward to her brother’s appearance today at New Albany’s Our Lady of Perpetual Help school, where Margaret Shain is a teacher.

The problem with the piece — it happened yesterday, Oct. 11. I know, I was there to see it, and here’s a photo of the sexy speaker to prove it.

Fenton got the item right, she just published it on the wrong day.

Egger was a genuinely engaging speaker, and happy to joke about the Oprah notoriety. He’s a force in the non-profit sector, and has written a book, “Begging for Change.” He started the D.C. Central Kitchen, which feeds up to 4,000 people per day in the nation’s capital.